Graduate single-major study programme – Information and Communication Systems

Course title Course teacher Syllabus
1st semester
Distributed Systems Božidar Kovačić, PhD DINP
Intelligent Systems 1 Marina Ivašić-Kos, PhD DINP
Object Programming Languages Marina Ivašić-Kos, PhD DINP
Operations Research 1 Marija Marinović, PhD DINP
2nd semester
Intelligent Systems 2 Maja Matetić, PhD DINP
Multimedia and Hypermedia Systems Nataša Hoić-Božić, PhD DINP
Operations Research 2 Marija Marinović, PhD DINP
Fundamentals of Digital Speech and Image Processing Ivo Ipšić, PhD DINP
3rd semester
Human-Machine Communication Ivo Ipšić, PhD DINP
Master’s Thesis Seminar    
Network Systems Management Mario Radovanv, PhD DINP
Knowledge Management Ana Meštrović, PhD DINP
4th semester
Information Technology and Society Mario Radovan, PhD DINP
Natural Language Processing Sanda Martinčić - Ipšić, PhD DINP
Decision Support Systems Sanda Martinčić - Ipšić, PhD DINP
Elective courses
Electronic Commerce    (1) Dragan Čišić, PhD DINP
Program Engineering    (1) Sanja Čandrlić, PhD DINP
Business Economics    (2) Ante Bistričić, PhD DINP
Selected Topics in Databases    (2) Patrizia Poščić, PhD DINP
Organization’s Information System    (3) Mile Pavlić, PhD DINP
Cognitive Robotics    (3) Maja Matetić, PhD DINP
Management and Leadership    (3) Patrizia Poščić, PhD DINP
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining    (3) Maja Matetić, PhD DINP
Business Communication    (3) Patrizia Poščić, PhD DINP
Information Technology Project Management    (3) Sanda Martinčić - Ipšić, PhD DINP
Logistics    (4) Dragan Čišić, PhD  
E-learning Fundamentals *   (4) Nataša Hoić-Božić, PhD DINP
Strategic Planning of Information Systems    (4) Sanja Čandrlić, PhD DINP

  * - not offered in this academic year
  (X) – which semester the elective course belongs to