BusinessClass: Analyzing text and images and recommending content in the media

Datum održavanja: četvrtak, 30.05.2019. godine u 10:15 sati, prostorija S-032
Predavač: Enes Deumić,
Naziv predavanja: Analyzing text and  images and recommending  content in the media

Abstract: team started as an initiative in late 2014 within Styria and since then grew to a team of 12 expert data scientists and data engineers. Since then they are working intensely on the research and development of artificial intelligence technologies, with a focus on the processing of images (computer vision), text (natural language processing) and recommender systems, with successful applications in the media and other industries.

As well as being a regional center for excellence in machine learning technologies, is also recognizable on the global market thanks to its many successful projects and services for leading regional and global companies.

For the cutting-edge technology, behind these services, Styria was awarded several awards. At the NVIDIA GTC Europe, 2017 by NVIDIA - one of the most prominent industry players in AI and hardware business, our Fashion Cam was awarded as the best poster presented at the conference. In March 2018, Styria won the Global BIGGIES award in New York, and in May we won ICMA Innovation award for Njuskalo’s photo recognition.

In 2017, we team had a lead role in applying for Google’s DNI innovation fund successfully winning the grant of 500K EUR.

This year we became a partner in Horizon2020 R&D project Embeddia that has in focus use of cross-lingual embeddings coupled with deep neural networks to allow existing monolingual resources to be used across languages.

In this talk, we will discuss machine learning techniques used in practice in the fields of NLP, Computer Vision, and recommender systems.

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