ResearchClass: Ekstrakcija ključnih riječi kompleksnom mrežom jezika

Datum održavanja: petak, 8.7.2016. u 11:00 sati, prostorija O-357
Predavač: Slobodan Beliga
Naziv predavanja: Ekstrakcija ključnih riječi kompleksnom mrežom jezika (Network-Enabled Keyword Extraction)

Sažetak: In this presentation author will propose a novel Selectivity-Based Keyword Extraction (SBKE) method, which extracts keywords from the source text represented as a network. The node selectivity value is calculated from a weighted network as the average weight distributed on the links of a single node and is used in the procedure of keyword candidate ranking and extraction. Author will show that selectivity-based keyword extraction slightly outperforms an extraction based on the standard centrality measures: in/out-degree, betweenness and closeness. Therefore author include selectivity and its modification – generalized selectivity as node centrality measures in the SBKE method. Selectivity-based extraction does not require linguistic knowledge as it is derived purely from statistical and structural information of the network. The experimental results point out that selectivity-based keyword extraction has a great potential for the collection-oriented keyword extraction task.