Research Class: Supporting organizational learning by machine learning models explanations

Datum održavanja: četvrtak, 16.3.2017. u 12:15 sati, prostorija O-357
Predavač: doc. dr. sc. Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Naziv predavanja: Supporting organizational learning by machine learning models explanations 
Machine learning models are still scarcely used in business decision-making processes. The reasons are in complexity of the problem and weak methodological knowledge of the business users. While research mainly focuses on the technical aspects, organizational aspects are neglected. In our research we set out to develop a framework for integration of top performing machine learning (ML) models, coupled with uniform explanations, into decision-making process. Machine learning model explanations provide sufficient feedback information to support the decision-making process, which builds a foundation for organizational learning. Using action design research approach, which combines design science research (building of the IT artefact) with action research (collaboration with practitioners/users) we address both the comprehensibility of the top performing black-box machine learning models and organizational aspects by including users during the development, evaluation and implementation.
The proposed framework is applied to a complex decision-making process: business to business (B2B) sales forecasting process, which can be modelled as a classification problem. Results suggest that the provided ML model explanations efficiently support business decision makers, reduce forecasting error for new sales opportunities, and facilitate discussion about the context of opportunities for the sales team.

Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Organizational Scineces, University of Maribor and is a member of Laboratory for Decision Processes and Knowledge-Based Systems. Her research work is focused on complex systems management by feedback and anticipative information (decision support systems, multi-criteria decision-making, system dynamics, data mining, and organizational learning). She is the author and co-author of several scientific articles published in recognized international journals including Group Decision and Negotiation, System Dynamics Review, and Expert Systems with Applications. She is involved in several EU and industry projects. She is program committee co-chair of International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia and business track chair of international Bled eConference.