Seminars and Lectures

    • Business Class

      Business Class is the name used for a series of lectures given by entrepreneurs, which aim at linking scientific achievements made at the Department of Informatics with hands-on problems. Additional aim is to strengthen the ties between businessmen and students for the purpose of easier employment.

    • Research Class

      Research Class is the name used for a series of invited lectures given by researchers from Croatia and abroad, which aim at introducing the researchers and their scientific achievements and connecting them with the researchers at the Department of Informatics.

    • Open Class

      Open Class lectures are organised in collaboration with the Croatian Association of Linux Users - Rijeka Branch (HULK - Ri) members. The main aim is to present open source applications and promote the OpenSource initiative.

    • Student Class

      StudentClass is the name used for lectures given by students with the basic objective of presenting their projects, works and achievements to their lecturers, colleagues and economic operators.