Mario Radovan
University of Rijeka
Dept. of Informatics
R. Matejcic 2,
Rijeka, Croatia


Mario Radovan is a professor of information science at the University of Rijeka (Croatia) and head of the Institute for communication systems at the Department of informatics. He graduated computer science at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and earned a PhD in information science at the University of Zagreb (Croatia). He published books on computer programming, databases and computer networks, as well as on philosophy of technology. He also published sixty papers on various topics in scientific journals. Professor Radovan was a visiting scholar at the Universidade Nova in Lisbon (Portugal) in the year 1985/86; he was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship for academic year 1997/98, which he spent at the University of California at Berkeley. Professor Radovan teaches the following courses:


         Computer networks (1 and 2)

         Dynamic web applications (1 and 2)

         Information technology and society