Mision & Vision

Our mision

The Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies, as a scientific and educational constituent of the University of Rijeka, conducts scientific and developmental research in information and communication sciences and related disciplines, which forms the basis for the Faculty’s undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and lifelong education programmes. The Faculty contributes to the promotion and development of informatics in a wider region in which it operates and fosters social and economic development of the region.

Our vision

The Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies will be profiled as the leading institution in the field of information and communication sciences and related disciplines, within and outside the region, whereby special emphasis will be on:

  • conducting innovative scientific and developmental research in cooperation with researchers from Europe and entrepreneurs from the wider region,
  • quality and effective education in which students are at the centre of the learning process, and which is based on study programmes in Informatics grounded in competence approach and learning outcomes,
  • concern about the employability of students, as well as the accessibility of informatics education to every interested individual through lifelong learning programmes,
  • the transfer of the latest information technologies and up-to-date knowledge into the business sector and the local community, with the aim of ensuring the transition of the region into a knowledge-based society.