Research Class: Human role in factories of the future

Datum održavanja: četvrtak, 28.6.2018. u 12:00 sati, prostorija O-357
Predavač: doc. dr. sc. Katarina Rojko
Naziv predavanja: Human role in factories of the future


Assistant professor Katarina Rojko, PhD, came to UNIRI, Department of Informatics, for Erasmus+ training. She comes from Slovenia, from Faculty of Information Sciences in Novo mesto (FIŠ). FIŠ is the only public faculty in Slovenia, which is not included under any university. It is a small and young faculty; in 2018 it celebrates 10 years of existence. Nonetheless, FIŠ is growing on importance in Slovenian education system, while in research terms FIŠ is already among top Slovenian research institutions, considering the rate of research incomes. Katarina Rojko is employed as vice dean for education, her research is focused on social informatics, while she is also a teacher at undergraduate and graduate professional study programme Informatics in contemporary society.

She is included in one of 4 research groups at FIŠ, namely Institute for Innovation and Technologies in Regional Development. In this Research Class, entitled Human role in factories of the future,she will present her research with emphasis on Industry 4.0, Robotization and ethics.