Research Class: doc. dr. sc. Katarina Rojko - Hypotheses & Research Questions

Datum održavanja: 12. svibnja 2021. u 14:00 sati online putem BBB platforme
Predavač: doc. dr. sc. Katarina Rojko, Fakulteta za informacijske študije, Novo Mesto, Slovenija
Naziv predavanja: Hypotheses & Research Questions


This Research Class will provide students with information on how to form appropriate hypotheses (Hs) and research questions (RQs). There are some basic rules to follow: first after identifying research problem, the research goals can be set. Based on the research goals Hs and/or RQs are then formulated. But since the research results have to bring original contribution to the pertaining scientific field, the students have to know the answers to the following questions:

- How precise and complex the Hs or RQs have to be?
- Was the corresponding literature regarded for the formulation of Hs and/or RQs?
- Can Hs and/or RQs be tested using intended methodology?

Please join the lecture with headphones and microphone, since the teacher expects discussion. You are also encouraged to present your Hs and/or RQs to work on them.


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