Business Class: Second Coach

U četvrtak 23.3.2017., u prostoriji O-028 s početkom u 12:15 sati, Andrej Zupan i Mitja Rozman predstavit će: Second Coach



Second Coach is a gamification application for kids’ soccer training. In the early stages of our project, when the project was only a study research assignment we were working on, we were encouraged by our professor at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Kranj Slovenia to expand our study project to a full-time project.

We based our application and business development on agile and lean methodologies. Our business model was and still is flexible and is being constantly innovated and upgraded. First step was development of a MVP version of the app, which contained key features identified through lean prototyping and other business modeling techniques. Over a period of a two-year development we switched to a hybrid platform which enabled faster development and allows us cheaper change implementation. Due to only needing one developer for both platforms, Android and iOS, it is also a very cost efficient platform.

Together with our mentors we are currently working on a go-to-market strategy to enter USA. We are also moving a part of our team to Silicon Valley in September. In the lecture we will discuss our business innovation process and how we approached the development of our project. We will present techniques on how to achieve problem solution fit and product market fit, which are key processes for every startup in order to be efficient and competitive in this fast changing business world.

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