Business Class: Celtra

U srijedu 16.11.2016., u prostoriji O-S32 s početkom u 12:00 sati, Žiga Lesar i Rok Piltaver predstavit će Celtru.


Celtra was founded in 2006 in Ljubljana and has grown to 160+ employees working in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney and others offices. Celtra is developing an online tool for creating and serving interactive, dynamic, rich-media and video ads that run on mobile devices and in web browsers. So far, over 250,000 ads have been built using our AdCreator and thousands of ads are being served each second. In the presentation we will explain how we use different tools and processes that enable over 50 developers working in different time-zones to collaborate efficiently and deploy a new version at least once per week. We will discuss the technology and SW architecture behind the most advanced tool for creating ads (that runs in a web browser!) and how we manage to analyse 1TB of data each day to offer insight into the performance of the served ads. Attend the presentation to learn about the tools and development processes used by the industry leaders.

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