Business Class: doc. dr. sc. Katarina Rojko - Job Seeking

U ponedjeljak 3. svibnja 2021. s početkom u 14:30 sati, doc. dr. sc. Katarina Rojko predstavit će niz savjeta kako početi tražiti posao.

Predavanje će biti održano putem sustava BigBlueButton na poveznici.


This Business Class will provide students with information on how to start looking for a job. Namely, to find an appropriate job it is required to know what all influences and start by answering the following questions:

1. What am I like?
2. What am I interested in?
3. What should I work on?
4. Where and how should I look for a job?
5. How do I apply for jobs?
6. How should I prepare an appropriate application and my CV?
7. How should I prepare myself for the job interview?
8. How should I prepare myself for tests?
9. How the employment starts (contract, health examination, introduction
to organization, testing period)?
10. How should I remain an active jobseeker?

Curriculum vitae:

Asst. prof. Katarina Rojko, PhD, is a guest lecturer at the University of Rijeka Department of Informatics from the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Before joining academia, she was working for 3 international companies. As senior/manager/vice-dean, she is involved in the selection of new staff for more than 10 years already.

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